Current Bachelor’s/Master’s Theses.

We constantly have interesting theses for your bachelor or master.

If you are interested: please contact us. You can find our contact details here.

Options at C&S.

You have the choice between several embodiments of your work at C&S. But one does exclude the other and if you have other ideas – talk to us.

  • Practical semester/duty internship
  • university-related internship
  • Supervision of bachelor-/master works and diploma thesis
  • school business internship
  • pre-study internship

Particularly during a university-related internship you can gain extensive experiences. If only for a few hours or during the time of no lectures – we make individual conditions with you.

Have we piqued your interest?

Please feel free to contact us.

We make an appointment with you that we get to know us. We will show you our company and we find out if there is a free place for an internship and if our ideas of an internship match each other.
You can find our contact details here. Give us a call or write an email.

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Practical experience.

Often as a part of a study a practical semester is required, in some studies even more than one. But also if such a practical semester is not “officially” required, it makes sense to think about a voluntary internship.

Especially in small and medium-sized companies you have the opportunity to get to know all areas. This will ease your choice for a certain area in a larger company after the degree.

With us you gain quick insights into all areas while at the same time deepen these areas that interest you most. With our special communication structure, you will be involved in all non-confidential transactions and will also have the possibility to bring in your ideas and suggestions.

From the beginning you will have a caretaker on your side, who introduces you to the organizational and technical aspects of our business and who will answer all of your questions.  At the start of your work you will also get an introductory training about our quality management system in conformity with the ISO 17025.

Obviously you will be involved in our activities outside of working hours. Sportive activities, collective dinner – maybe you have some ideas?

Learn practice and gain experiences – we give you this opportunity in our team.


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