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Partnership Programs.

We have cultivated strong and lasting partner relationships with well recognized companies to provide the highest quality services to our customers worldwide. Bellow you can find the companies that we work closely with, representing our services in Asia and the US.

Founded in 1982, Advanced Data Controls started to provide the best software development environment to programmers for embedded systems. Their first products were C Cross Z80, 68000 and 8086 Compiler of Whitesmiths, Ltd, and they developed C Cross Compiler for Japanese semi-conductors by themselves, based on Whitesmiths Technologies. In 1992 they started to distribute the integrated development environment MULTI, consisting of C, C++ and INTEGRITY Operation Systems of Green Hills Software, Inc., for almost all industries including automotive, consumer electronics and semi-conductors as well. They have been expanding their business for automotive industries, since 2005 under the partnership with C&S, to provide special technical support, not only for compiler but also for the validation and verification of software and hardware. They are a member of JASPAR, AUTOSAR, FlexRay and LIN. Their head office is located in Tokyo and they have further offices at the Osaka Technical Center and the Nagoya Technical Center to support the whole Japanese market.

The Atlastitan is a project partner in all areas of knowledge-based services. It was founded in 2006 by seasoned executives with the goal of creating a consulting firm that combines utmost professionalism and flexibility with the values of fairness, transparency, commitment and responsibility – the Titan Atlas idea.

The Atlastitan’s portfolio includes project consulting (technology consulting), project support (interim management) and project realization (taking over complete projects). From these modules, the customers can make their choice flexibly and individually according to their project requirements.

As a project partner, the Atlastitan works only with highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience and manifold technical and industry expertise.

DG Technologies specializes in Vehicle Network Solutions, providing quality diagnostic products, custom solutions, consulting, education, and conformance testing for in-vehicle networks.  These standards-based and emerging vehicle networks include CAN/J1939, J1708/J1587, FlexRay, HD-OBD and more, and are used in Heavy-Duty Truck & Bus, fleet management, military, automotive, agricultural, construction, and telemetry applications.

Ixia “provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses’ physical and virtual networks. Enterprises, service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and governments worldwide rely on Ixia’s solutions to deploy new technologies and achieve efficient, secure, ongoing operation of their networks. Ixia’s powerful and versatile solutions, expert global support, and professional services equip organizations to exceed customer expectations and achieve better business outcomes.

Toyota Tsusho Electronics, Co., Ltd. has become an independent company, in April of 2003, supporting the evolution in automotive electronics as a strategic new organization. The continuous increase in automotive electronic systems, coupled with related higher demands on safety, comfort and functions, has created an array of new opportunities and challenges. We have focused our products fields into the car-electronics, providing high-advanced solutions to the automotive user and electronics manufactures.

Supportronics offers consulting, offshoring and outsourcing services for embedded and distributed systems for automotive and industrial applications from Argentina. These services focus on increasing your competitiveness. What makes these services so effective is that you can simultaneously profit from technical expertise, the best cost/quality ratio and a local interface directly in Europe for optimizing all communicative and interactive processes.


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