We offer:
Your specific simulation model.

We will build your specific simulation tool. Therefore we take the requirements of simulation models into account to ensure that the simulation runs provide useful, reproducible and especially comparable results. Meaningful evaluations of the simulated drafts can only be made on the basis of such results.

We conclude the implementation of your simulation model with the test and validation of the model.

We provide you with the extensive documentation concerning your model. This describes, amongst others, the implemented functionality as well as, if necessary, the simplifications that have been made compared to reality. The interface description and the parameter ranges as well as a test report are part of this documentation.

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We offer:
Your simulation model according to the standard for transceiver models.

To create a basis for the requirements for simulations models, the GIFT/ICT consortium has developed and adopted a standard for transceiver models.

The standard Requirement Specification for Transceiver Simulation Models (V1.1, 2010-02) describes not only the requirements of the implementation of a model but also the requirements for the documentation of the implementation and the final support.

The standard is organized to make the results of simulation runs comparable and reproducible.

We develop your transceiver model taking the requirements formulated in this standard into account. Of course, your specific requirements will be integrated.

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We offer:
Simulation models for our tool INVIO.

Our INVIO software package contains a number of provided models for an exclusive use in connection with INVIO.

Of course you can also integrate your specific models into INVIO easily. CAN models for example are also supported as LIN and FlexRay models.

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We offer:
The validation of your simulation models.

The simulation of complex systems requires reliable simulation models. Therefore it must be checked if the simulation model behaves as its real counterpart and if it is suitable for the simulation.

Validation of your specific model.
We test and validate your specific simulation model systematically and comprehensibly. We create a test specification and test your model against its underlying specification and the specification of its real counterpart. After the completion you will receive an extensive documentation.

Validation of transceiver models.
Based on the test specification for transceiver models “Model Conformance Test Specification (V1.1, 2010-02)” we offer the performance of conformance tests and the validation of your transceiver model. The behaviour and the simulation parameters of your model are checked for compliance with the data sheets and measurements of its real counterpart and with the requirement specifications for transceiver models – both for the single transceiver and in a predefined network.

We conduct our tests of simulation models with the same methods that are carried out on a real transceiver (see Conformance Tests).

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