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C&S group establishes joint venture in China

C&S group establishes joint venture in China

C&S group GmbH announces an enormous development step in its still young company history: C&S signed in March a cooperation agreement, which has far-reaching consequences.  Together with the Chinese company China Automotive Technology and Research Center (ChangZhou) Co., Ltd. (CATARC) and TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS (DALIAN) CO., LTD., founds C&S group a joint venture, which will facilitate the entry into the Chinese market opening up new service opportunities.

At the opening ceremony in Changzhou/China, which was also reported on Chinese television, the cooperation partners uncovered the signs of the JV Company on May 22nd.

So far we have been primarily active with our services on the markets in Europe, the USA and Japan. Since their foundation ten years ago, their company has made a name for itself in the field of networked systems in automotive engineering. C&S enjoys an international appreciation, not only as independent testing company, but also as competent partner for the analysis and conception of automotive networked systems and their testability.

Apparently its reputation has spread to the Far East. “Tong Wang, Senior Project Manager at CATARC, approached us at the end of 2017 and suggested a cooperation,” says Bollati. A year earlier, the Chinese had set up a branch in Munich – the first outside China. That’s a really strong partner,” says Fischer. “The ‘China Automotive Technology and Research Center CATARC’ is the largest state research center for cars in China and is regarded as a kind of TÜV. They are uniquely positioned and an outstanding partner.”

How important the new cooperation could become can be seen from the figures: “There are more than 1000 vehicle manufacturers in China,” the managing directors report, “and the countless suppliers are also joining in. Above all, however, the joint venture has the support of the highest authorities.

This also becomes clear with a view to the travel plan of the C&S delegation: Immediately after the founding ceremony on a very large stage, an Ethernet standardization conference started at which Fabian Nikolaus, project manager of the C&S group in the field of Ethernet, and David Bollati gave presentations. “The Chinese don’t want to lose any time on the road to standardization. At this workshop we will talk about the current status of standardization procedures and market approval outside China”. Before the founding ceremony there was a two-week round trip with customer visits.

The C&S group was founded ten years ago and at the end of 2018 moved into a new company headquarters on Schweigerstraße in Wolfenbüttel. It holds a 25 percent stake in the new joint venture and the Chinese CATARC holds 50 percent. A further 25 percent is owned by the Japanese TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS (DALIAN) CO., LTD.

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