Dual studies

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Theory and practice.

Since 2018, we offer dual studies. You combine your studies at the Ostfalia University of Applied Science in Wolfenbüttel with a practical work experience with us. The study starts in the winter semester.

Your advantages:

  • High practical content – the connection between what you learn and how you can use it becomes obvious during your studies.
  • After completing your dual studies, you are no longer a career starter in the classical sense!
  • During the studies you earn your own money and you are therefore independent.
  • You will be integrated in our team and work with us on projects from the beginning to the end of the project. In this way you acquire extensive knowledge that ‘lets you look beyond your own nose’.


Our advantage.

You will become a young talent who is ready to work immediately after graduation and ‘knows how the wind blows’. And maybe you’ll continue working with us!

Your graduation.

The course of studies of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology ends with the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.). The standard period of study is nine semesters.

What are the prerequisites for dual studies?

  • You have the university entrance qualification such as Abitur, Fachhochschulreife or an equivalent recognized education.
  • This enables you to apply as early as possible – your application reaches us optimally about one year before your studies start.
  • If we come to an agreement and make a contract with you, you apply with this contract to the Ostfalia. Application deadline there is July 15th.


Take a look at the details on the Ostfalia website.



Please send your application documents to bewerbung@cs-group.de. If you have any questions about schedule, organization or dates and deadlines, please contact us!

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