Test Specifications

  • CAN
    ISO 16845-1:2016 CAN/CAN-FD Protocol Conformance Test.
    CAN Processor Interface Test Specification.
    CAN Robustness Test Specification.
    ISO 16845-2 High-Speed Transceiver Tests.
    Transceiver Model Requirements Specification/Validation Test Specification.
    Interoperability Test Specification for High-Speed CAN Transceiver or Equivalent Devices.
    Communication/Network Management Software Modules.
  • FlexRay
    Protocol Layer und Physical Layers Testspezifikationen.
    Simulation Model Requirements Specification.
    Communication Controller: Device Level Assessment Test Specification.
    Wakeup-Startup-Sleep Test Specification.
  • LIN
    Data Link Layer, Physical Layer und OEM spezifische Testspezifikationen.
    Testspezifikationen für SAEJ2602 Standalone Transceiver.
  • Automotive Ethernet
    OABR®PHY/100BASE-T1 Interoperability Test Specification including wake-up Tests.
    OEM spezifische Testspezifikationen.

Test Systems and more

  • CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN.
  • CAN COM/NM, FlexRay COM/NM.
  • INVIO (Integrated Network Validation Studio).
  • AUTOSAR, OSEK Network Management.
  • OBAR ® PHY/IEEE 100Base-T1 – Automotive Ethernet.
  • Protokolltestsystem – Automotive Ethernet.
  • Testsystem für Ethernet switches (OPEN Alliance TC11, IEEE 802.1Q and AVB).
  • OEM spezifische Testsysteme u. a. zu Interoperabilität, Topologie, Konformität, Integration, Fahrzeugdiagnose.


  • OPEN work group T1 and TC12 (Vice Chairman).
  • ISO WG3 Project Team CAN (document owner).
  • FlexRay Simulation Task Force.

Analyses and Concepts

  • Development support for transceivers and SBCs.
  • Several hundred topology verifications in different fields of application.
  • Concept analyses about future technologies: Ethernet, LVDS, Power Line Communication, Inter-Domain Communication, electro mobility etc.
  • Automation and tool integration of complex verification procedures.


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