Consortium Participation

A consortium is an excellent opportunity to develop common requirements. Consortia have repeatedly proved itself in the field of network systems.

We believe that working together is a very useful and effective way to accomplish goals.


Accepted standards simplify cooperation in many ways. Standards create trust and security. This is why we participate in standardization bodies such as ISO (International Organization of Standardization); OPEN Alliance; Automotive SerDes Alliance; IEEE; Avnu Alliance; SAE; etc.

Bringing in our experience of more than 20 years supporting standardisation of in-vehicle-networks (IVN).

Supporting with the creation and implementation of conformance test procedures and processes that promote interoperability between systems provided by different vendors, thereby helping to ensure that devices work together and an ecosystem of interoperable devices is created.


C&S CAN XL Evaluation Board

The CAN XL evaluation board has been developed jointly with Bosch, NXP, and Volkswagen (VW). The DE1-SoC (Terasic) board

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IT security at C&S: tested and TISAX approved

The internal IT security of the C&S group has been thoroughly tested. The trigger for the extensive audit was a verifica

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We are adopter member of Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

As adopter member of ASA, C&S is committed to contribute bringing in its experience of more than 20 years contribution o

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