Consortium Participation

A consortium is an excellent opportunity to develop common requirements. Consortia have repeatedly proved itself in the field of network systems.

We believe that working together is a very useful and effective way to accomplish goals.


Accepted standards simplify cooperation in many ways. Standards create trust and security.

CAN FD Standardization

The ISO WG1 (Working Group 1) became effective as of 26.10.2012 which began the official process of standardization for CAN FD specifications. This process will expand the ISO 11898 series of CAN specifications.

CAN Innovation

The increasing demand for low-cost and high-bandwidth communication protocols has inspired the idea to enhance the CAN protocol to support bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s and payloads longer than 8 bytes per frame.

In April 2012, Bosch released the first version of the CAN FD specification. As a result, C&S has teamed up with the CAN FD interest group and the CAN FD marketing group.

Many OEMs worldwide are interested and committed to this approach. The first applications will be focused on ECU flashing. ECU’s with CAN FD protocol controllers will be set in this specific operation mode while other controllers are kept on standby. The combination of CAN partial networking and CAN FD enhancements increases the possibilities of migration from CAN to CAN FD systems.
We are currently working on laboratory evaluations and considering the combination of both technologies as well as analyzing used cases.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this subject.

C&S/LIN Partnership

Since the beginning of the LIN Consortium, C&S has been a contributor with special dedication to different working groups faced with the task of creating specific specifications. Furthermore, as an accredited test facility, C&S has actively contributed to establish conformance testing and support the interoperability of LIN products. As of the end of 2010 the LIN consortium initiated a formal standardization process.
The last releases of the LIN specifications are currently in the ISO process for the development of International Standards. C&S is proud to be a part of the group of experts in the LIN task force contributing to these activities.


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