We offer:
Official conformance tests for BSW modules.

We test your implementation of the Basic Software (BSW) of the AUTOSAR standard.

We are an accredited AUTOSAR test agency (CTA, Conformance Test Agency) and accepted as an independent and qualified testing partner.

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We offer:
Integration tests on ICC1 for systems or different communication stacks.

All car manufacturers are faced with the very challenging and time-consuming task to integrate the BSWs into different SW and HW platforms.

For that reason, over the last years, C&S has been working, in cooperation with important car makers, on the creation of test specifications and on the development of the corresponding test systems with the aim of covering OEM requirements at integration level ICC1 to allow testing of different HW/SW platforms under well-defined conditions with consideration of timing requirements.

Some benefits:

  • The BSWs are tested working together on the target platform
  • The AUTOSAR Tool chain is tested indirectly
  • The OEM Integration methods can be verified and optimized
  • Robustness and long time tests can be implemented and executed easily

We offer:
Integration tests on ICC1 for systems or different communication stacks.

C&S has joined the AUTOSAR consortium (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) as development member since the beginning. We have been involved intensively in different work packages (WPs) and as Conformance Tests Agency – CTA; we have contributed with the development and establishment of conformance testing.

By the second half of 2010, the AUTOSAR consortium has delivered the conformance tests regarding basic software modules (BSWs) of the release 4.0 revision 2.

With this release, another important milestone of the acknowledgment of the AUTOSAR standard on the market has been reached as the use of its specifications for selling products with the bound of conformance attestations delivered by CTAs. Previous specification versions of conformance tests were not officially released and as consequence no conformance test process was established.

Conformance tests are focus on the compliance of isolated BSWs modules on ICC3 level; these tests are important to safeguard the conformity to the specification, but they neither guarantee an error free interaction with other BSWs nor with different HW platforms.

In this regard, the AUTOSAR consortium is currently defining the scope and specifications of “Acceptance Tests” to reach a common understanding on the market needs and objectives for ICC1 integration tests. A new work package has been established and C&S is part of this working group. The goal is to align the requirements and establish a common test approach.


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