NEW: Release of the first version of the CAN FD Physical Layer Interoperability Test Specification

Since the beginning of 2012, BOSCH has released the first version of the CAN FD protocol specification to fulfill the increasing demands for bandwidth and cost efficient communications protocols. CAN FD enhances the CAN protocol to support bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s and payloads longer than 8 bytes per frame. OEMs worldwide are very interested and heavily committed to this technology.

Over the last years, several CAN FD implementations from multiple vendors have been launched onto the market. Carmakers are faced with the task of ensuring interoperability in a multi-vendor environment.

C&S has contributed actively to this task from the very beginning, addressing first the specifications of the new ISO 16845, parts 1 and 2 — Controller area network (CAN) conformance test plans.

— Part 1: Data link layer and physical signaling, including classic CAN and CAN FD protocols

— Part 2: High-speed medium access unit, including high speed classic CAN transceivers, transceivers with selective wake-up functionality as well as enhanced CAN FD transceivers.

The first CAN FD transceivers supporting communication in the CAN FD fast phase at higher data rates are already available on the market.

After having established the CAN FD conformance test system for Data Link Layer derived from ISO 16845-1, C&S is working tirelessly to enable interoperability of CAN FD transceivers, a key element for specification based development of communication technologies. Since September 2015, requirements from OEMs and silicon vendors were collected and aligned, and interoperability tests have been drafted and specified.

We are proud to announce the release version of CAN FD Physical Layer Interoperability Test Specification. Here you can download the specification.

C&S publications about CAN FD.

Find some of our publications about CAN FD in the following. If you want more information please send us a mail or give us a phone.

  • At the 15th International CAN Conference in Vienna, our employee Federico Pereira gave a presentation on October 28, 2015: An Automated Model Based Design Flow for the Design of Robust CAN FD networks.
    Here you can download the presentation.
  • Read our article about the Validation of CAN-FD networks with INVIO under Our Tool INVIO.
    The article was published in the special issueof the journal Connected Cars of the HANSER automotive magazine.
  • Take a look at our presentation Validation of CAN FD IVN Topologies, which was presented by Dipl.-Ing. Marko Moch at the CAN FD Tech Day in Munich on 19 March 2015.

Now you can test CAN FD with us!

In order to achieve a faster transfer rate with more user data per message, but to maintain the proven reliability of CAN, the classic CAN protocol was extended to a protocol with “flexible data rate”: CAN FD.

Even though this seems to be ‘just’ an extension, with the changes it is a new development that needs to be tested as any other developments.

We have developed the test system for CAN FD, so that you are on the safe side with the use of this new protocol. Since the end of 2014, we offer the appropriate tests so that you can test your new developments with us as usual. In the test planning and test execution, we consider your specific application fields and requirements.

In addition, we are currently working on the development of a physical layer test system for CAN FD.

For more informations please get in touch with us using the contact details at contact!

We are the contact person for manufacturers and users in the automotive industry and other sectors of the industry.

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