Wolfenbüttel & Ingolstadt, Germany


We can extend existing standardized test specifications by test cases

The principle behind our FlexRay Transceiver Tests.

In 2000 was established the FlexRay Consortium with the aim of developing a rapid,  robust, scalable, deterministic, and fault-tolerant communication system for the automotive applications. As ‘premium associated member’ we have been intensively involved in several activities and have contributed to different working groups. This included the design and creation of the test specifications for the physical and data link layers.

Since several years, the corresponding test systems are available at C&S and we are an officially accepted test house by the consortium.

The FlexRay physical layer conformance tests are conducted in a so called standard network and are necessary to significantly increase the probability of interoperability for FlexRay devices from different suppliers in the later system environment.

During the test the behavior of the devices in their entirety in the network is observed. At the same time the tests verify whether the behavior of your FlexRay device is compliant to the behavior defined in the FlexRay electrical physical layer specification.

The structure of the standard network and the test cases were developed by the FlexRay Consortium. Independent of each other the experts defined together parameters for the development and execution of tests taking into account experience and ‘worst-case scenarios’. The result: your device will be tested under conditions that reflect the later application conditions.

The test cases are classified according to the specific implementation capabilities and functionalities corresponding also to the implemented ‘Functional Classes’.

The test systems.

The test system is a well-defined standardized network (Standard Net), where the devices communicate under various system conditions. A supervisor software controls system states and test sequences. The communication is supervised and controlled by calibrated measurement equipment.

The Standard Net consists of a fixed number of identical nodes. For the test the Standard Net is equipped with your bus driver or active star. Number and position are defined exactly.

The tests verify the proper behavior of your bus driver or active star under different conditions and at certain ‘events’ like:

Ground shift (static and dynamic)
Low battery’ within normal operation mode (static and dynamic)
Undervoltage out of normal operation mode
Busses interrupted, busses shortened
Loss of ground and loss of vbat
Failure in termination
‘Bubbling Idiot’

During the tests the behavior of your product is compared with the expected behavior.

The test data – including raw data – are stored for later analysis and to make the test reproducible. The processed data are given to you with your test report.