One for all: CAN-XL Evaluation Board from C&S.

The development of the specification for the protocol and the physical layer of CAN-XL is in the final phase. In parallel, we have developed the CAN-XL Evaluation Board for you.

A powerful tool that is nevertheless easy to handle and tailored to several target groups.

Board: Interfaces: 2 CAN-XL, 1 CAN-FD | complete and configurable CAN-XL functionality through Bosch CAN-XL IP | changeable PMA adapters | CAN-XL messages according to freely configurable scheduler or default setup after start-up | coordinator is connected via CAN-FD interfaces from Vector or Peak

Coordinator software (PC): exchange of workspaces (topology setups, CAN-XL configurations, etc.) | easy-to-use GUI with full control over attached CAN-XL interfaces | statistics of CAN-XL communication | CAN-XL raw system diagnostics (Evaluation Board, PMA diagnostics, etc.)

If you are interested, please contact p.isensee@cs-group.de

The CAN-FD Test Module.

The CAN FD Test Module began with the idea to create the possibility to test CAN systems in an easy and uncomplicated way. This means problem-free adding and removing of system nodes. It also creates the possibility to run tests with individual parameters.


The CAN-FD Test Module is small, durable and easy to use:

  • It can add and remove up to 20 nodes.
  • Once software is connected to the CAN-FD Test Module the test system runs automatically and no external setup is needed.
  • The test system is extendable.
  • There is one connector used to manage supply, CAN backbone and test channels.
  • Each CAN-FD Test Module uses a CAN backbone (@500kb/s) to control the tests at the test channel (up to 10Mb/s).
  • The automatic tests are able to test the network at different frequencies.
  • The results can be shown as logged messages.

If you want to get more information or see a demonstration  contact us.


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