System analyses as a basis for your work.

System analyses are performed as fundamental basis for feasibility studies, but also to clarify the causes of already identified problems.

The main objectives of the analyses are

  • improving the signal quality in networked systems
  • establishing a basis for the maximum guarantee of data integrity
  • working out the limits of a topology.

We analyze given topologies by examining in particular aspects such as

  • timing constraints
  • propagation delays
  • termination concepts
  • signal characteristics
  • effects of aging processes.

What are the conditions for a given topology, moreover, at all? Against the background of the ever changing requirements and technical conditions this question must be asked again and again. We do this, analyzing the impact that these conditions have for the quality of the topology.

The analysis of a topology under the aspects mentioned – ideally in combination with simulation (-> Simulation) of the given topology – can finally result in the validation of a networked system.

If necessary we develop your individual improvement concept on the basis of theoretical analysis and simulation.

Beyond theoretical analysis and simulations, we systematize the analysis of the signal quality in a finished car. How can the quality of the topology be tested here by non-destructive testing?

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