INVIO (Integrated Network Validation Studio)

Do you need to analyse or release a large number of topologies for different vehicle platforms? Do you lack the time to become acquainted with the complex configuration of a simulation and to construct the schematics? If you answered Yes to these questions, then INVIO is the solution for you!

  • Designed to simplify and accelerate your approval and validation process
  • Various possibilities of parameterization
  • Self-analysis criteria implementation
  • Systemizing allows an increase in reliability and validity of release
  • Saves time – provides complete documentation with all data and information needed
  • User-friendly

INVIO is an automation software that works as a tool to design and validate your network.

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C&S and Synopsys Saber

C&S and Synopsys have an extended history of collaboration.  You can find an example of this collaboration in the SAE Paper entitled An Automated Model Based Design Flow for the Design of Robust FlexRay™ Networks For more information on Synopsys Saber, please see their web page:

Our contribution:
Validation of CAN-FD-networks with INVIO.

In November 2014, our contribution to the validation of CAN-FD-networks with INVIO was published in a special edition in HANSER automotive magazine called ‘Connected Cars’.

‘Connected Cars’ special edition download (© Hanser automotive).

INVIO 2.0 Upgrade… even more possibilites.

  • Network topologies can be configured easily and with more freedom.
  • ECU interface templates support the user in individual ECU mountings.
  • Advanced model configurations offer more individual options and enables the exchange between different users.
  • The selection of connectors and several cable selections extends analysis capabilities.
  • New specification of limits facilitate the weight of limits exceeded.
  • New analysis criteria with special arbitration scenarios improve the evaluation of classic CAN networks.
  • Analyses can be carried out with either Saber© of Synopsys© or SystemVision© of Mentor Graphics©.
  • New and extended test criteria support the validation of classic CAN-, CAN-FD- and CAN-PN networks.
  • Helps provide a reliable evaluation of the overall system.


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