This is INVIO.

Do you need to analyse or release a large number of topologies for different vehicle platforms? You don’t have the time to become acquainted with the complex and difficult configuration of a simulation? Do you lack the time for the time-consuming construction of the schematics? If you answer these questions with Yes, INVIO is the solution for you:

INVIO (Integrated Network Validation Studio) is an automation software, developed by us, which works as a tool for the design and the validation of your network.

Therefore INVIO.

  • We have developed INVIO to simplify and accelerate your approval and validation process.
  • With various possibilities to parameterize our automation software, you check, and, if necessary, adjust and finally validate your own specific topology design.
  • You can also implement your own analysis criteria by giving INVIO appropriate guidelines.
  • At the same time, this process is systematised with the use of our tool. Thereby the reliability of your release and the validity of the documentation of the release can be increased.
  • The time-consuming assembling of many components of a documentation is not necessary. INVIO provides you with the complete documentation with all data and information that you need in order to fulfil the principle of confirmability in your validation and approval.
  • With its user-friendliness, clear structure and possibilities to visualise different situations, INVIO will become a tool for you which you don’t want to miss.

This is INVIO able to do.

  • Your release process starts with an individual parameterization of INVIO, which is made according to your specific requirements. You determine the type of topology, select the desired measurements and analysis criteria and also assemble the size and the extent of the documentation.
  • After these adaptations INVIO is tailored to your needs and takes care of the control and the execution of simulation runs and measurements; the test cases are generated automatically.
  • Afterwards, the evaluation of the measurement is – dependent on the limits you have set – a part of the functional range as well as the generation of a report.
  • Besides the evaluation, a meaningful report also contains a detailed documentation of the simulation runs and the measurements. INVIO provides you with the complete documentation in a clear folder structure. This includes amongst others your pre-adjustments, all log files, associated screenshots and summarizing overviews of the results.

We help you to get started.

In addition to the purchase of INVIO we offer an on-site-implementation in connection with a one-week introduction to working with our tool and in this process we explain you the meaningful use of the tool on the way to the validation of your network.

For information or a quote please get in touch with us using the contact details at Contact.

C&S and Synopsys Saber partnership

C&S and Synopsys have an extended history of collaboration.  You can find an example of this collaboration in the SAE Paper entitled An Automated Model Based Design Flow for the Design of Robust FlexRay™ Networks For more information on Synopsys Saber, please see their web page:

Our contribution:
Validation of CAN-FD-networks with INVIO.

In November 2014, our contribution to the validation of CAN-FD-networks with INVIO has been published in the special issue Connected Cars of the HANSER automotive magazine.

You can now download this here as PDF (© Hanser automotive).

INVIO 2.0 now offers even more possibilites.

Network topologies can be configured easily and with more liberties.

  • ECU interface templates support the user in individual ECU mountings.
  • Advanced model configurations offer more and individual options for the network configuration and -variation and enable the exchange between different users.
  • The several cable selections per line element extends the analysis capabilities.
  • The selection of connectors, ferrites etc. anywhere in the network also extends the possibilities.
  • The new specification of limits with safety margins facilitate the weight of limit exceeded.
  • New analysis criteria with special arbitration scenarios improve the evaluation of classical CAN networks.
  • INVIO helps you future-proof with the overall evaluation of new bus technologies, like CAN-FD or CAN-PN with specical analysis criteria, which respond to new conditions and focuses, like communication and sampling, so that you get a reliable evaluation of the overall system.
  • Analyses can be carried out with either Saber© of Synopsys© or SystemVision© of Mentor Graphics©. New and extended test criteria support the validation of classical CAN-, CAN-FD- and CAN-PN networks.


Publication of Control Engineering

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