Wolfenbüttel & Ingolstadt, Germany

C&S has joined the “Wolfenbütteler Declaration We for Democracy”

C&S has joined the “Wolfenbütteler Declaration – We for Democracy”

C&S is pleased to announce that we have officially joined the “Wolfenbütteler Declaration – We for Democracy”. This declaration, initiated by the city of Wolfenbüttel and signed by various companies and organizations in Wolfenbüttel, reaffirms our shared commitment to promoting and strengthening democracy.

At C&S, we firmly believe that democratic values form the foundation of an open and tolerant society. Therefore, we have decided to become part of this initiative to make our support for democracy and our rejection of discrimination, hatred, and extremism clear.

The Wolfenbütteler Declaration is a response to the growing emergence of populist and extremist trends in society. By joining the Wolfenbütteler Declaration, we aim to encourage our employees, customers, and society as a whole to actively participate in democratic processes and advocate for the common good. We are proud to be part of this important initiative and look forward to driving positive changes in our society together with other companies and organizations.

For more information about the “Wolfenbütteler Declaration – We for Democracy”, please visit the website of the city of Wolfenbüttel. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the declaration and support us in our commitment to democracy.

You can download the text of the declaration here: Wolfenbütteler Declaration We for Democracy.

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