Wolfenbüttel & Ingolstadt, Germany

Reaching the goal together!

Reaching the goal together!

On August 31, the C&S Group team participated in the Braunschweig 2022 company run. It was a joint sports event that definitely underlined the togetherness of the team.

With more than 4000 runners from different companies and a sunny summer day, we enjoyed this wonderful experience together with the same goal: running, participating and having fun together!

We are proud of the team that also designed the t-shirt and took care of the organization, which undoubtedly helped to strengthen the company spirit. On this day, the energy was felt in every conversation and every moment!

The goals and benefits of this race are directly related to the values and principles we strive for in the company: Teamwork, Motivation, Collaboration and Health. Therefore, we are glad that we were able to participate in it and we will be happy to continue supporting it in the years to come.

Many thanks to all participants who took part as runners, supporters or cheerleaders!

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