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We are adopter member of Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

We are adopter member of Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

As adopter member of ASA, C&S is committed to contribute bringing in its experience of more than 20 years contribution on automotive standards with respect to in-vehicle networks (IVN) and their testability. Supporting with the creation and implementation of conformance test procedures and processes that promote interoperability between systems provided by different vendors, thereby helping to ensure that devices work together, and an ecosystem of interoperable devices is created.

The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) was formed to standardize SerDes connectivity for automotive applications. ASA is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive industry and technology providers collaborating to provide the specifications and infrastructure needed for the automotive industry

See Member section on the ASA website at https://auto-serdes.org/about/members/ and further information about ASA can be viewed at https://auto-serdes.org/frequently-asked-questions/

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